Basic Electricity is unlike any class you have ever attended.  It is a learning experience at its best:  easy, fun, and
You don't have to be an electrician or lineman to benefit from this class.   If you work with customers and must discuss
basic electrical issues, this is a must.  If you work on, near, or around electrical apparatus and equipment, this class
will help provide you with more confidence and safety awareness.
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This is not only a very informative class, but it is fun.  It is a class that everyone in your organization should have.  It
will help anyone who works with customers, vendors, contractors, crews.  

Apprentices, journeymen, foremen, supervisors -- anyone can profit from revisiting the "basics."
Basic Electricity takes 16 hours to learn the difference between amps, ohms, volts, and watts.  We also learn how to
describe the difference between opens, shorts, and grounds.  We also show, handle, and learn about conductors,
insulators, Ohms Law, the Power Formula, and a bit about transformers.
In Basic Electricity we work with batteries and different devices to construct simple circuits, series circuits, and parallel
circuits.  We figure out how to install switches and overcurrent protective devices, and then we make circuits with
those devices.  We learn about and the difference between AC & DC.  We learn basic multimeter functions and use
multimeters to measure different aspects of the circuits we build.
The maximum number
of participants for
is 15.
Electrical Safety and Compliance Training
for the Electrical Industry
Basic Electricity
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Basic Electricity?  
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